Daily Archives: August 10, 2011

Sibling Rivalry

I am a very proud mom. Both of my children in High School will be enrolled in the Air Force Junior ROTC this year. And up until yesterday, everything about that was simply perfect.

And then, Eldest came home, beaming from ear to ear. Usually that is a good sign. She is in a good mood, and is therefore more productive. In turn, I don’t have to deal with drama, or crankiness, or more drama. So, like a good mom, I asked her how things went.

She was promoted to officer!!


She will be in charge of her brother’s flight!!


I’ll be honest, my kids do get along well, but they can also get a bit testy when one reigns supreme over the other. However, it being the ROTC, I know they can be professional about it. The true test will be on Eldest, since she has to walk the tightrope between fairness, and being a tyrannical megalomaniac. I know she can do well, as she has proven herself to the Commander. And this will help her achieve her goals toward leadership positions.

But Son won’t take crap from her sitting down for long.

Move over, lemonade. It’s time for Mylanta. 🙂