Daily Archives: August 6, 2011


A friend of mine, the one who is crazy about shoes, loves to post photos of fabulous dresses as well. And by “fabulous” I mean “in the five figure range”. This morning she showed me this confection:

Me: I like the flow and the ruffles on the top that Valentino is famous for, but that flounce at the bottom hurts my eyes.

Friend: One word: V A L E N T I N O!

Me: Two words: B A D G L E Y  M I S C H K A !!

More like this:

It’s one of my grails to own a Badgley Mishka gown. I can only hope one shows up at the Goodwill store in my size someday. The funny thing is, Eldest owns one. And by “funny” I mean “tragic”. She needed it for a runway show, and I found it majorly reduced, in her size, and the Saks’ Off 5th store. Talk about lucky.

Now, if only I needed a gown for an occasion besides housework 🙂