Open Thread Friday

My apologies for having not much to write about. Between having friends from out of town, especially the kind that convinces me into buying more Trollbeads, and getting school supply lists done, back-to-school clothes shopping for kids, and registration and transfers, I am finding nothing to report at Casa de Aggie. It’s a desert here.

My lawn, only not as pretty, or with suck a fantastic view

So, to my few readers I ask: are there any topics you would like me to write about? Feel free to make suggestions!!

And also, feel free to do a raindance or two 😉

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8 responses to “Open Thread Friday

  • Tiberius

    How about a topic about people who whine constantly about the glorious sun and fine hot weather they are enjoying while other people are suffering in cold miserable weather 😛

  • QueenBee

    How about a post on the ridiculous form of entertainment called Reality TV or Remember when MTV was music videos?

  • Eldest

    Well, you could talk about how awesome your eldest daughter is. You could go on and on about it forever, it’s practically never-ending. Her awesomeness, that is.

    Or, Son and I can go out and do something mildly stupid and entertaining every Thursday so that you have something to write about Friday mornings 🙂

  • David

    “suck a fantastic view”? Coo’…


    The weatherman is lying out his ass here in America’s Third World County. Again, only supposed to be around 100 but more than 10 degrees hotter than predicted. Again. WTF’s the matter w/the forecasters? It’s Summer, already. Erring on the side of HOT should be a no-brainer.

    Like the pic. Wish my front yard looked like that. (I just HAVE to kill all that nasty grass. Well, since I’m not watering it, at least it’s not that ugly monochromatic green anymore. Some nice shades of brown in there, too. Soothing. Unfortunately, the “city” “workers” have refused to get off their lazy duffs and repair the water line leading to our meter, so THAT area of our lawn’s overgrown and nasty green… and swampy.)

    What else… Oh, yeh. Rice n beans n sausage for dinner, anyone? 😉

  • Azygos

    Is that a picture of the american economy under Ogabelini?

  • Aewl

    Can’t think of a topic? Keerist almighty, there’s a million things you can write about. But if all else fails, dress up in a corset and take a few pics. That’s my plan if I ever run out of stuff to post.

    You guys better hope to god I never run out of things to say, no amount of eye-bleach will ever erase the sight of me in a corset.

  • roamingfirehydrant

    A post on your favorite place to live. Can be where you have lived or where you’d like to live now.

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