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500th Comment!!!

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Things That Make You Go “Hmmm…”

Well, as y’all have heard, Borders Bookstores are going out of business. This is a bit hard for me, because I enjoyed the convenience of driving ten minutes to the store, instead of ordering from Amazon and waiting a few days or weeks for your order to get to you. There are Barnes & Noble around the area, but 1) the traffic is prohibitive at two locations, and 2) the drive is long to the third. But I adapt well to changing situations.

One thing I had wanted was a Lego set they were selling at the local Borders. Yes, for me, not for one of my kids. STOP JUDGING ME!!! Anyway, they had several sets from the Architecture Series, one of which I want like burning: Fallingwater, by Frank Lloyd Wright.

But they carried it for $124.95, and the Lego website carried it for $99.99, when they had it in stock, so I decided to wait, because I may want it like burning, but I can’t justify $125 for building blocks. And then today I was at Barnes & Noble, and saw this:

THAT is the price for Fallingwater at B&N!! The price difference is stark. I guess now we know why Borders is going out of business. Their concept of “sale pricing” left a lot to be desired.


A friend just called and told me stuff at Borders is now 20-40% off. I may be able to score this set after all 😀