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On Angry Birds

I’m sorry. I just do not get it.

I understand it’s just a game, and that it’s fun for most people. But I view it like I do golf: hitting a tiny ball with a stick out 50 yards into a tiny hole would give me an aneurysm. And flinging a bird into a Lincoln Log structure to pop a few pigs would do the same. My Little One, however, loves that game, and plays it well. She has received the highest star ratings on most levels. And there is only one person to blame for this perfidy: my brother, the Angry Birds Master.

– I think about Angry Birds at least twice a day. Most of the time, I envision what type of Angry Bird a person would be if they were…well…an Angry Bird. So far, I have a few additions that I think would be excellent:

Flamingo: Tall, lanky, goofy
People Quality: Very analytical but not physically gifted. Doesn’t mind being slighted and shit on in life because they don’t know any better and don’t want to cause problems. Generally well mannered, but…common sense retarded.
Power: Schnoz of Reckoning

See what I mean?? He thinks about new Angry Birds characters!! Who does that? That’s rhetorical, by the way. I am sure I am in the distinct minority when it comes to this game.

If you want to have a good laugh, check out his blog, Killabee. He is a riot 😀

Being Happy

One of my favorite movies is Pollyanna, the story of a girl who always found a reason to be glad. I have always been of the opinion that happiness is all around: one just needs to find the right “fit”. Sometimes I am a grump, I admit, and don’t feel like looking for happiness in anything. Wallowing in misery is something I can do well, too. But it is so time consuming, and in the end no one, and I mean NO ONE is willing to put up with my doldrums, so what’s the use, right?? And that’s where Pollyanna comes in. It does take effort, but I do manage to find something that makes me happy at least once a day. I’m not happy all day, mind you, but I am happy every day.

Always, always, always look for a reason to be glad. I promise, the search is always worth it 🙂

800th Comment!!!

And the honor goes to….


Congratulations, and make sure you pick up your honorary Sith can opener* on the way out 😉

*if I had one, I wouldn’t give it away!

Change is Good

Ever get stuck in a rut, and feel like your life is nothing but drudgery amid chaos, waiting for the maelstrom to drown you?

Yeah, me neither. But I do like to change things every-so-often. For years I have used plain white baking dishes because “white goes with everything”. BORING!!! But every time I saw a pretty set of oven dishes all I could think about was, “Will they go with everything?” And it came to my mind that it doesn’t matter if they do, as long as it cheers me up, and puts a smile on my face when I use them. I am now lightening the load of crap I have in the kitchen, so I can justify a pretty set of baking dishes.

Pretty, no? I still can’t decide between the square shape, or the oval shape. And that’s another thing… I tend to buy square and rectangle dishes all the time. I never get anything round or oval shaped. Asking Hubby what he thinks is out of the question because he will A– tell me he could care less, and B– tell me not to buy them.

Well, I may not get them after all, but it is nice to contemplate a small change once in a while.

And in case you didn’t notice, I did change my avatar 😉

Reading List: The Gals Edition

It has come to my attention that I haven’t made a list of must-read blogs for a quiet Sunday.

Probably because my Sundays are never quiet.

Anyway, I would like to share with y’all some of my favorite gal bloggers, the ones that never fail to bring a smile or make me snort laughing.

Autumn People is a gem. Nicole has the gift to make you smile in any situation, not to mention she is a dream of a chef.

Another dream of a chef is Groovy Noms. The Nomstress is not only a fabu cook, but regales us with homeschooling stories, as well as the happenings of her crazy cat.

Over at Fetch My Flying Monkeys, which is rated PG-16, Laura “dreams” of being a government assassin. I put that in quotations because for all I know she might be one already.

Koch’s Tour is filled with wonderful anecdotes from the point of view of a mom to four daughters. I am one of four daughters, so I relate to her in many ways!

Last but not least, Maggie’s Notebook is a politically conservative site. Maggie gives you a rundown on all the happenings in the political scene, as well as bringing humorous anecdotes from across our daily lives.

Stay tuned for next week when we do the Guys Edition! 😉

Captain Obvious

Today it was TruGreen’s day to “treat” my lawn. Of course, I couldn’t water the back because the gentleman placed some Miracle Beans™ on the lawn. However, he did take the time to give me a scolding:

No kidding my front yard is under heat stress! All watering resources are being diverted to the sod!! I swear, sometimes pointing out the obvious is a fruitless endeavor with some people.

A Study in Contrasts

I was so lucky! I had the chance to speak to Hubby while he was on a tour of Egypt. Skype is not very dependable in *ahem* certain Middle Eastern countries. But he was very excited to have toured Karnak and Luxor and cruised the Nile River. This is where he is today:

And this is what I’ll be doing:

Sometimes, life can be so funny….

Does anyone know if napalm is good for mold??? 😉

Sithy Thing: Almost Friday Edition

It’s almost Friday, and I am waiting on tenterhooks here for morning to come. Why? Because the new Trollbeads are being released!! Yay, me!!

So, since I can only think about the beads, I give you a Sithy for today.

If they had Darth Vader or Sith beads, I would own them all!!!

Grungy Wisdom

Yesterday, I posted about getting back in my artistic groove. In case you aren’t familiar with my style, I like to do distressed works, such as this. I like the whole vintage look, and finding new ways to take junk and make it into a work of art.

And this is what I made from the junk I had:

Now, question is, what do I do with it??

A– Gift it to someone.

B– Donate it.

C– Keep it and let it collect dust somewhere.

D– Make it an award!!

I don’t have an account to do a poll, but please leave your choice(s) in the comments. Oh, and try to NOT vote for “C”. Hubby thinks there are enough dust catchers in the house already 😉

Time Doesn’t Flow Like a River

Holy canoli… I was sooo excited to get the kids back in school so I could have time to myself and be able to think again. Yesterday I finally had a chance to ZOMG!! watch whatever I wanted on the big TV. I have hundreds of channels to choose from, and On Demand as well as DVDs.

So what did I do? I put it on the news. After so long without the remote control, I found that I couldn’t even decide on some stupid show to watch. Before long, it was time to pick up the kids after school, and my chance to sing off key in Spanish while wearing a tiara had gone. Fortunately, I am starting to get back in the groove, and found a new project to do.

One man's junk...

Stay tuned tomorrow when I unveil my masterpiece!!