Daily Archives: July 25, 2011

When Nature Laughs

Sorry for the lack of any posts on Sunday. I was still recuperating from Eldest’s party, which was a smashing success! One of the many things I did on Saturday was drive to a mall to pick up one of her friends, who lives waaaaaaaaaay out of town. And since it was early in the day, and it was still on the cool side, we decided to sit outside in the patio of the food court hall (it’s a hoity-toity mall). Anyway, Eldest and I are talking, and going through the rest of the itinerary, when suddenly she asks, “Mom, what kind of spider is that?”

And I turn around to see this:

Object in photo is larger than it appears.

I was pretty sure it was just a garden spider of some sort, and not deadly. But decided to seek some professional advice, and text Hubby:

Me: OMG!!! What kind of destroyer of worlds is this spider?? It’s four inches long!!

Hubby: It looks like a variant of either a garden spider or a banana spider. The body shape favors the garden spider. It’s a female.

Me: So I was right in calling it a “destroyer of worlds”.

Hubby: Yes…yes, you were.

Eldest had noticed that she was consuming something rather large, and wondered what it could be. I had thought it might be a bee, since the flowers are in bloom and bees are plentiful.

Then again, so are the hummingbirds… 😉