It’s Hot

It’s quite hot. Very hot. Africa hot.

The humidity doesn’t help either. Here in my corner of Hades, it’s a cool 86* degrees overcast, with 84% relative humidity. It’s also 8:30 AM.By noon, it will be about 97*, and the heat index will make it feel like 105*. And then in the afternoon, it will get hot…

I have a feeling I will be jumping the sprinklers today as I get the patio ready for Eldest’s party tomorrow.

Why couldn’t she have been born in springtime??

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10 responses to “It’s Hot

  • Tiberius

    You know, it is amazing how ungrateful this post makes you seem. 😉

    Granted the humidity does suck and ruin what would otherwise be almost perfect temperatures – but you come and suffer in the cold, wet, misty, miserable weather I am enduring before bitching about how “hot” it is

    Honestly, you don’t know how good you have it over there right now 😀

  • Nomstress

    Hahaha…I’m seriously voting for leaving the sprinkler on during the party. I’ll just stand over there! 😛

  • Laura

    What’s springtime?

  • Eldest

    You know, there was no planning on my part as to the timing of my birth…I’m pretty sure that was solely on you and dad…

  • Nicole

    I hear ya. We are supposed to get a break from heat indexes of 102-110 down to a chilly 92 but our humidity will go up to about 80% with predicted storms. I do wish you all were getting some rain, too, though. But not on Eldest’s birthday party 🙂

  • Tiberius

    Oh I can’t wait for summer. And that is why you will never hear me complain that “it’s too hot”.

    I might grumble about the humidity but the heat – never – and you know it 😛

  • mrfixitou812

    It;s been that hot up here in Pittsburgh most of this week. The other tech sure picked the right week for vacation, as there is no a/c in the service department. I think I’ve sweated off about 15 lbs this week. Hope the weather co-operates for Eldest’s party, and I hope it goes well.

    And, I agree w/Tiberius, rather have the heat than those other 4 letter words….cold and snow!

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