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400th Comment!!!

And the honor goes to…..


And not only is Nicole a wonderful writer, she is also an excellent cook. Or chef. I’m never sure what term to use. But her culinary stylings can also be found at Carpe Epulae. Go get some Nom education 🙂

Early Morning Adoration

It never fails. I get up to tend to the dogs, and as soon as the coffee is done, I feel like I am sitting on a pedestal.

And they called it Puppy Love...

I was never a dog owner, or even had a preference for them. Growing up, I was only allowed to have pets that could fit in small cages. The hamsters were fun because they learned to crawl out of it at night, and find their way back to their “home” in the morning. The iguana…. well, that didn’t last long, after my mom found it. And now that I’m a dog owner, I can’t imagine being without one.

Thanks to reader Aewl for the inspiration 🙂