Dangerous Liasons

My friend The Nomstress is here for a quick visit, planning to take Son for a week. And when she is in town, bad things happen to my checkbook:

These are Trollbeads, and they are addictive. Hubby will attest I have….a few. And yesterday eldest got her very own bracelet for her birthday, composed of the Chakhra beads, which I had been collecting for over eight months. Anyway, Nomstress tells me she needs to go to the Trollbeads store to exchange a leather bracelet.

Best laid plans, and all that rot.

They had just received a huge lot of “universal uniques”, which will fit other brands of bracelets, as well. And they were sooo pretty!!! So I caved. And it didn’t help matters having Eldest and Nomstress cheering me on, either.

Sigh….. 😉


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