Today is the day.

She is sixteen years old. She is taller than I am. She is beautiful, inside and out. And as I sit here and write about her, and think about how wonderful she is, I reflect on that day sixteen years ago when she came into the world and my heart breaks, knowing that she will never be my baby again.

Happy birthday to my oldest bundle of joy πŸ™‚

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13 responses to “Bittersweetness

  • Laura

    For a second there I thought you were going to say something like “I reflect on that day sixteen years ago when she came into the world, wrecking my vagina” because if I had a kid, that’s what I’d be remembering.

    Seriously, she’s a cutie.

  • mrspaddy

    What a beautiful girl! You did good!!! πŸ™‚

  • melody

    Wow, Agster. She sure is a beauty, isn’t she? Looks like you!

  • LC Steve

    Happy birthday to the Eldest! And I agree with everyone else, she is definitely a looker.

    Betcha Aggie is sharpening her machetes as we speak . . .

  • ArmedGeek

    She’s pretty sharp too. She managed to change the harddrive in her laptop. I guess that may not as big a deal as it once was but I was impressed.

    btw, this is what a laptop looked like when *I* was 16…

  • Teresa in Fort Worth, TX

    Happy Birthday! It’s bittersweet, Ags, but it just gets better….

  • Nicole

    Happy Birthday to a lovely, smart and talented young woman! Mama did a good job. πŸ™‚

  • mrfixitou812

    Happy Birthday to the beautiful young lady. Jr’s only 10 and a half, but it seems like just yesterday we brought him home from being born. Where the hell does the time go?

  • Sox

    With all Due Respect, Ms. Aggie, she will ALWAYS be YOUR LITTLE GIRL! She is BEAUTIFUL on the outside, and if she is as BEAUTIFUL on the INSIDE as her MAMA, well, the Entire Planet Earth owes you a Debt of Gratitude, Dear Lady! Oh, and about that “taller than you” thing…Iffin’ I remember correctly, that don’t take a whole bunch…

    Note: My Mama has done gone ON, but I’m still a Card Carrying “Mama’s Boy-Cat”…

  • JAM2

    **can’t believe i’m in agreement with a damn cat…**

    they will always be our babies…
    three cheers to Chilluns’ and Birthdays!!!
    our love for them is eternal…

  • Radical Redneck

    I can see both you and the hubster there. She is lovely πŸ™‚

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