Daily Archives: July 13, 2011

Java the Hutt

I used to be a big tea drinker. I mean BIG. It was my beverage of choice every morning. I loved to watch it steep, the liquid turn into an amber nectar that would lift my spirits and recharge and soothe me at the same time.

And then I got pregnant with Eldest. And tea tasted like warm strychnine laced with rat poison. This is NOT an exaggeration. True, I have never tasted either, but from the descriptions I have read in murder mysteries, it came close. I was bereft. I could no longer partake of any kind of tea, not even southern sweet tea. No matter how much sugar I added, and believe me, I added a LOT of sugar, the taste was still acrid. Nothing helped. This went on for about a year and a half, until we returned to the mainland from being stationed in Hawaii. And then I went to my inlaws one Saturday morning, and my MIL fixed me a cup of coffee out of habit. Not wanting to be rude, I decided to drink it, after adding the requisite amounts of half and half and sugar.

ZOMG!!! I could drink it! And I have been a convert ever since.

I can NOT function without a cup in the morning, and usually make sure to drink at least two cups, just to be on the safe side. And though I can now drink the southern sweet iced tea and can drink some other hot teas, I still prefer coffee. I am not a coffee snob by any stretch, but do have my favorites. And no, Starbucks isn’t one of them. I’m sure some of you will be shocked about that. But hey, it’s my blog and I brew what I want to 😉