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This week, I shall be undertaking several projects here at home. Some are small, piddly little things that have gotten under my skin, like finally hanging up several pictures which have been in the closet for the last five years. Others require the willing co-operation of the children. In particular, Eldest will be moving her piles of “stuff” back into her room by TOMORROW.

She reads this, which is why I wrote that in big letters.

Her room has a certain Zen look to it, when uncluttered. Hopefully, she will get rid of half of the clutter that takes away from it, and make the room into a haven for her. If she’s lucky, she will have a nice reading chair in there for her use, along with new lighting if I can manage it.

Say it with me: OHM!!!

Hopefully I will be able to post a pic of the finished room tomorrow. Because her father reads this, too 😉


I had forgotten about an appointment I have this morning, so pics of her finished room will have to wait until tomorrow. Thank goodness!!

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