Keeping Busy

Life always intrudes, doesn’t it?? It never fails…. you go to the craft store, you find something new to try, and as soon as you come home you put it in your craft area, ready to start on it, only to find you need just one more thing, so you wait on in until you get it, then you forget where you put something else you need, so you keep putting off the project until you can’t remember what you were going to make.

That happens a lot to me. And no, it’s not senility.

Anyway, I finally found the item I needed: a miniature canvas. Those are a bit hard to come by, since most artists prefer to paint on a full-sized canvas, I imagine. And why would I need a miniature canvas? To make something similar to this:

Mine won’t need so many canvases, and will be smaller in size. I hope to have it finished by this evening, because I just know something is going to come up. Again…

I figure I may finish this project in time for school to begin 😉

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