Dog Days of Summer

Well, apparently they are here rather early. This week has been very hectic at Casa de Aggie. Hubby has been in a hurry to receive certain documents for his board, and I have been in a hurry to find them! Luckily, all that got done, thanks to Eldest, who knows how to scan and attach (whatever that means) to emails.

The girls decided to weed out their wardrobes, and generously donated everything yesterday. And they were generous…. five garbage bags and one huge box of clothing, to include jackets, coats, shirts, dresses, and several pairs of brand new shoes, since according to Little One, Momma doesn’t have good taste.

Seriously, she said that. I too, am appalled.

So, hopefully as this week winds down, I’ll be able to post more. First, I have to rescue the front lawn, though. Oh, and replace the outdoor ceiling fans, and trim the front tree and plants. Also, have to get things moving for Eldest’s Sweet Sixteen party, and pick a day to finally sort the filing. Maybe.

Sigh….. πŸ™‚

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