Daily Archives: July 2, 2011

Samuel L. Jackson, You’re My Only Hope

Last night was a typical Friday night at Casa de Aggie. One kid had a friend over, one kid was having a chatfest on FaceBook, and the last kid was enjoying the fact that she had complete and total control of the remote. That really isn’t a big deal, since she always does. But all in all, we had a nice quiet evening.

Until Hell came to Snaketown.

This is Aro.

My Eldest’s pet snake.

She is usually found in her natural habitat of glass tank with lid.

Her turn-ons are small rodents, warm rocks, and small dark places.

Turn-offs include taking baths in cold water, glass candle holders around bathtubs, and dogs.

Mostly dogs.

Especially dogs.

As I explained, last night was a rather quiet evening. Until about 2 AM, when Eldest banged on my bedroom door and said, loudly and urgently, “MOM!! I NEED YOU!!”

Instinctively, I grabbed my gun and was about to jump out of bed, when she went on with, “I need your help! Aro is gone!!”

(Insert groggy groan here, followed by silent curses)

I told her to start looking and that I would be right out. Placing the gun away, I went out, and we began a rather fruitless search for a snake who had a six hour lead on us. The good news: neither dog had bloody fangs. The bad news: there are too many places in which a small snake can hide. So, for now, I will be cleaning up and examining corners, looking for bone pellets or shed skin.

So, who wants to come for a visit??


I took John’s advice and began to think like a snake. I found her five minutes after that, in the hallway closet, under two backpacks, one overnight bag, two scarves, a pair of snowboots (yeah, still have them from Germany), and a cloak. I also found a brand new Risk board game that the kids are playing upstairs. Son had said he had “looked” in the closet last night, so I asked him what he had seen on the floor.

Son: A pair of boots….

Me: And?

Son: I think my old backpack….

Me: And???

Son: and…..maybe something else?

Me: Suuuuuuure you looked…