Sithy Frippery

Well, today’s letter was to someone to whom I want or should give a second chance. Seeing as I give everyone and everything a second chance (yes, even menudo, both the band and the stew), I decided to do something more frivolous here.

It’s my blog and I post what I like šŸ˜€

A friend of mine happens to be addicted to shoes. And by “addicted”, I mean ADDICTED!! There is not a day that goes by without her checking out Jimmy Choo and Louboutin, and whatever shoe designer she comes across. And it had me thinking…. I quite like shoes, too. Not to the extent of paying $400 for a pair, you understand. But I do like a nice pair of heels!

And if you think I just get them for looks, think again. That heel can do some serious damage šŸ˜‰


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11 responses to “Sithy Frippery


    Check out this event Woosk took part in last week. Looks pretty cool.

  • Cathy

    I like your shoes. I enjoy shoes too. When I grew up it was a big deal to coordinate shoes with purses and clothing. Actually, we were into matching bras and panties too. I like doing all that. Can’t help it, but am trying to break the habit now.

    Most I’ve ever paid for a pair of shoes is about $200. Worth every penny, but very rare.

    • LC Aggie Sith

      I can pass on the purse and clothing thing, but I still like to have matching undies šŸ˜€

      • Nicole

        I didn’t have the shoe gene until after I turned 30-ish. After I had disposable income to dispose on shoes. šŸ™‚

        And as to the undies matching…. I’m lucky if they don’t have holes in them. I have yet to be able to care about matching those. If they are for looks only, then absolutely matching. Functional day-to-day , though, meh on matching. šŸ™‚

  • Laura

    Those would leave red welt lines on my feet for days after wearing them, and I don’t even have fat feet. I can wear a tight pair of jeans and have a red welt for a waistband for months. Maybe years- I think I still one from 1998. My skin is THAT DELICATE. Actually, I’m that pale. Like a china doll, not a vampire. Well, okay, like a vampire.

  • Laura

    “I think I still HAVE one…” See, seeing those shoes made me drop a word. Or the gin did.

    NO, I am not drinking gin at 5:13 in the morning. I am THINKING about drinking gin tonight.

  • melody

    MENUDO! I forgot about both Menudos. hahaha

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