Daily Archives: June 22, 2011

To a First Impression

Gawd, I’m a Pollyanna. I am! I’m a trusting soul and pathetically naive. But a letter I must write.

Dear First Impression,

You are like a Monet painting. From afar, you make sense. You are beautiful, and serene, and full of joy and color.

What you don't see is the pack of wolves about to pounce....

Up close, you are a blotchy, unrepentant mess, screaming for attention. As naive and well-intentioned as I am, I just can’t afford to take you at your word. I must examine you closely, looking for cracks in the veneer (Yes, I almost typed Vermeer). I never much cared for Impressionism, really. I’m more of the Modernist school. I like to know that what I’m getting is what I am seeing.