Daily Archives: June 21, 2011

On Heartbreak

I thought long and hard about who broke my heart the hardest.

No one ever did. Hearts don’t break. They only crack a little. And cracks can always be mended.

Cracked, mended, and still ticking.

No, I’m not phoning it in. This has been my philosophy for a long time now. Since the jerk in high school 😉

Letter to a Brainworm

Has anyone ever had a person, place, or thing occupy a tiny area of your mind for years, laying dormant most of the time, until you are caught unaware while making a Tres Leches cake and suddenly–POOF!!!–it comes to the fore of your thought processes and interrupts your cake-making bliss to the point of making you question why in heaven’s name you need egg yolks, and how many have you added to the batter???

Yes?? ME TOO!! There have been songs, and poems, and even certain speeches that have done this, but eventually they go away. This one guy, though…. He sticks around like disco. This is my letter to him:


Dear Signor Da Vinci,

“Larger than life” is an appropriate descriptor for you. Painting, sculpting, inventing were not enough. You were an engineer, an architect, excelling in mathematics and taught yourself Latin so as to be noticed by the Mathematical community. You were ahead of your time in anatomical studies, your inventions considered marvels, and your feats of engineering defy description to this day. So I have one question for you: WHY WERE YOU SO DAMN LAZY THAT YOU NEVER FINISHED ST. JEROME IN THE WILDERNESS??? That painting drives me nuts to this day!!! Oh sure…. La Gioconda is revered for it’s enigmatic smile, and The Last Supper is considered to be the foremost example of facial characterization. But why, oh why did you never finish St. Jerome?? It was the inventions, wasn’t it? The helicopter, the steam cannon, the glider, the bridge, the musical instruments??

There is one consolation in my fevered mind, though. At least I rest easy knowing you were greater than that Michealangelo dude 😉


A fan