The Person I Wish I Could Be

This letter is very hard for me to write. There was a time when I wanted to be an astronaut, and fly up into the heavens and go where no man had gone before. Then came the time I wanted to be a geologist, and part of that dream is still with me. After college, I really wanted to work in a museum, not as a curator, but behind the scenes, getting things ready for exhibits, cleaning finds in a lab, etc. I left my ambition with the astronaut dream, apparently 😉

But if I had to pick someone whom I wish I could be, I would have to pick my mother. She put her life on hold to follow my dad, and to raise us, and she is the strongest woman I’ve ever known. Being an Army wife, I feel as if I am following her footsteps somewhat. She is sometimes too vinegary, and I am sometimes too weak, but I hope to find the happy medium one day.

Maybe by the time the last kidlet leaves for college 😉



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5 responses to “The Person I Wish I Could Be

  • mrspaddy

    Hey…we never know where we will wind up. I can so relate to your post. I wanted to be a cartographer…the military interfered, I wanted to be a director….the military interfered and I failed to get my MFA…but I still get to dabble some in directing, although lately not so much. The one thing I never regret is following my dear husband where ever the military sent us. We had a rich, varied and exciting life. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Hang in there. You are right where you need to be. And, I didn’t know your mom, but to describe youself as weak? I call B.S. No one is stronger than a military wife. Been there. I know.

  • LC Aggie Sith

    Awww, thanks, Mrs. Paddy! Coming from you, that’s high praise indeed 🙂

  • Nicole

    We all try to avoid being our mothers. But sometimes, we are lucky enough to realize before it’s too late that we could do worse than become our mothers. 🙂

  • GuyS

    I think we all make some attempt to rebel against becoming our parents. At some point in time, you realize this will never happen, that we are, at times, mirror images of the two people who brought us into the world. (Especially if you have kids. Well do I remember the first time I responded to something my kids did, in exactly the same fashion as my parents did so many years ago. It can’t be helped, it’s in the genes!) There will also come a time when you can start to make peace with yourself, as to what you wanted to be (An astronaut here too, a fighter pilot, later still…just any kind of pilot, a [lounge] singer, journalist, writer…the list goes ever onward.) and what life in all its quarks, and unexpected hills and valleys, helped to mold you into.

    But life always offers out hope, in the form of dreams, that you may yet take hold of the brass ring of your desire(s). Grandma Moses, didn’t peak until well later in her life. And if your dreams are vivid enough, the desire strong enough, that even the passing parade of your life refuses to snuff out the passion you feel for one goal or another, perhaps that in and of itself is telling you all you really need to know (or hear within your heart) about fully embracing that dream, and making it a reality.

    (Long winded old bastard, ain’t I. *grin*)

  • mrfixitou812

    I have found that most mediums are either stark raving mad, or charlatans. And, none of them have been happy…
    Wait, what do you mean, that’s not what you meant?


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