To Someone Far Away

This letter is to someone who is in a different state or country. Yes, Hubby qualifies!! No, I’m not writing about him again. I thought of going in a more mundane direction in an attempt to keep my five readers entertained.

To Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II,

I love your hats. I love the fact that you got a ticket for speeding while driving your Jag. I love how you aren’t afraid of eating from a plate on your lap. I love how you like gin, and aren’t afraid to drink it in front of people. I love how you stoically hold the country together, and how endearing you look when Prince Phillip makes a blunt statement.

Hat, purse, Corgis, and Canada!!

You have been oil on troubled waters, and I pray that you live for many, many years, mostly because I fear for England with your idiot son on the throne. But most of all, I love the fact that you are a sucker for dogs. Just how many corgis do you have??


A Subject That Never Was 🙂

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