Daily Archives: June 14, 2011

A Letter Asking Forgiveness

A few months ago, a blog I used to frequent had a dust-up over the banning of a frequent commenter. Stuff like that happens, of course, but what really set some people off, myself included, was the banning of one individual by another, without benefit of a vote or even a consensus, in a blog that had established no rules for conduct. Consequently some things were said by certain parties. I may not have said them first, but I agreed, and chose a side. This letter is to those who, like myself, were caught in the crossfire.

Dear people,

I’m sorry for any conflict I may have caused, either directly or indirectly. I’m sorry you felt the need to tip-toe around the conflict. I am not one who deliberately sets out to poke with a cattle prod, but I couldn’t in good conscience keep quiet about my opinions. If I feel something was handled in the wrong way, I will say it. If I feel some are acting childishly and circling wagons, I will say that, too. But if you felt that I passed judgment on you for whatever reason, then I am truly sorry, for that was never my intent. Being ignored and defriended has taught me who has thin skin, and who can take the blows.

It has also taught me the value of true friends.