Daily Archives: June 11, 2011

Letter to Someone I Don’t Talk to as Much as I Would Like

Cripes, that’s a long title for a post about not talking to someone. There are several people that fit the bill, but no one comes close to Hubby, since he has been deployed. So, here’s my letter to him.


I love routines. I love how we would call each other near lunchtime and talk before you went to go eat. I love how you would come home and tell me about your day. I love that even when you start with, “You should have seen the guy we had to autopsy today.” It makes life very interesting. I love how we talk as we fall asleep. And I love how we talk about our day while I sip my coffee and you sip your tea in the morning.

Different plans, same goal!

I miss all of that. I’m grateful technology has advanced so far as to make it easier to talk to you every day even halfway around the world. But it’s not the same. And I hope this time away passes quickly, and uneventfully, because I miss making you tea in the morning.