Daily Archives: June 10, 2011

Letter to Somone I Wish I Could Meet

Hm…. this letter will prove to be very difficult. Most of the people I wish to meet are no longer here on this Earth, and with the few that are it’s more of a “wonder what they are like in person” than a true wish to meet them. One hears of a famous person being a nice guy and all, but when you get to meet him, it turns out he has a preference for eating with his toes, or something just as odd. And how do you deal with that?? But if I must write a letter, I guess I will pick someone.

Dear Mr. Twinkie Maker,

I’ve often wondered about your job. You are part of the American Quilt. You bring joy to millions and millions of kids and adults alike. Who doesn’t see a Twinkie and think it’s a sunny smile of sugary goodness?? And the cream filling!! Just HOW do you do it?? Oh, I remember watching Unwrapped and seeing it, but I’m sure there is more magic involved. I wonder how you feel, knowing you put a smile on my face when I see that box of Twinkies in the snack aisle. And truly, how do you keep from gorging while at work? I assume you don’t, since you still work there.

A smile of golden sunshine

I wish I could meet you, so you could solve these and other questions, but alas, I shall be content to just admire you from afar, and give thanks to you whenever I eat that delicious confection, especially after putting the bathroom scale away.


A happy fan