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Letter to a Cyberfriend

I have been fortunate to make what some bloggers and commenters refer to as “fake internet friends”. With very few exceptions, they have fostered strong friendships and have become like family. In fact, the recent loss of my FIF PattyAnn has left me feeling like I lost a close relative. I am lucky indeed to have such great friends, and though I have so many that I can write about, I can only pick one, so I will pick the first 🙂

Dear Max,

What can I say?? You and I share the same brain. That is enough to scare our mutual internet acquaintances, I’m sure. On second thought, it should also scare our common “real life” friends. You have helped me through hard times, and are always able to make me laugh when I feel down. You show a loyalty that is without equal, and a moral compass that is unbreakable. You share your family with mine like we were siblings, and turn to me for advice when you are at your wit’s end. You work so hard to teach your son, and you also work hard to make sure he walks the right path as he grows into a young man. And when I feel sorry for myself, you are quick to kick my behind and tell me to STFU and appreciate what I have. You have never failed to do that. In fact, you may have set a world record for fastest kick…. Anyway, I am very glad we are friends, and so grateful to have you in my life. And for that, I thank you!!

Your twinkie,


100th Comment!!

And the honor goes to….


That’s certainly a good looking stranger. I wouldn’t mind getting inside that stranger’s .. uh, label.

He’s talking about liquor. Thank goodness 😉