Letter to a Stranger

People are interesting to me. I like to speculate on their stories based on what they are wearing, how they carry themselves, even as to the choices they make while grocery shopping. It comes from a background in anthropology, and reading Miss Marple novels. Consequently, it is difficult to pick just one stranger as the subject of my letter, since I have already made up their entire life in my head. So, I went in a different direction, again 😉

To a stranger,

I saw you as I walked through the aisles in a vain quest to find Amontillado. There you sat, surrounded by your siblings, the color of your outfit making you stand out among them like a bright spring leaf sprouting from the soil. My curiosity was piqued, wondering what you were like. Smooth, or bitter? Silky, or sharp? Do you play well with others, or tend to chill out on your own? Are you a party animal, or the type to sit quietly by the fire? Do you like to climb on the rocks? Are you a straight shooter? I hope to enjoy your company one day, and know that if ever we meet, you will make my life rosy and sweet, even if it’s just for the duration of your visit.


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