Daily Archives: June 6, 2011

Letter to a Dream

Today I write a letter to a dream.

Actual representation of my dreams after chocolate.

To my dream,

Every child had a friend like you. You were so cool and tempting, and gave people a goal to reach, in small ways and big. And you were the one thing EVERYONE had, no matter how rich or how poor. I thought there was no harm in our friendship because it was natural and healthy to develop it. But unlike other people, I didn’t let you grow. I kept you away in the back of my mind, like a toy on a shelf that I was afraid would break. And I was afraid, because I had seen so many dreams broken before. For a long time I forgot about you. I went on with my life, knowing you were always there, waiting for me to notice you again, until one day, when someone asked me what my life-long dream was.

I stood there in silence, and went to the shelf were you sat, wondering how dusty you were, and to my amazement, you looked happy, your frame shiny and the glass unbroken, the picture of a happy family in the frame untouched by rips or tears. And I realized that, though I had placed you on that shelf to remain untouched, you went ahead and lived in me, quietly so I wouldn’t notice. And as I look at my family, I see that you had been with me, growing and living and coming true. So, thank you for not giving up on me.


your Id.