Daily Archives: June 5, 2011

Two Letters in One Day

I skipped Saturday due to unforseen circumstances. I was supposed to write a letter to my parents yesterday, and one to my closest relative or sibling today, so I shall do both.

To Mom and Dad,

You never taught me to ride a bike, to rollerskate, to write, to read, to macrame, to sew, to iron, to drive, to put on make-up (you’re excused from a few, Dad), to style my hair, to care for myself.

You gave me the tools, and told me to figure it out. And for that, I am very grateful!


Your number one kid!!!

The next letter is hard, since I am close to all of my siblings, but if I have to pick one, it should be my brother.

To my brother,

I was seventeen years old when you came into the world. You were so adorable! You were barely a toddle when I left for college, but always loved it when I came home to visit, because that was our “special time”. We played games, and watched cartoons, and I rocked you to sleep, and it was bittersweet to come home every holiday and find you had grown taller and wiser, and no longer had time for your older sister. But you remembered, and even as a young boy of ten you made the effort to have time for me, and would include me in your adventures (FYI: never play ball next to the canal). I watched you grow into a young man, and come to me for advice, and felt like I was a second mom to you. And now you are almost 28, making your way in the world, and I still have issues offering you a beer. Thank you for giving me the chance to help you be the man you are today.


Your big sister 🙂