Daily Archives: June 2, 2011

A Letter to My Best Friend

My friend and blogger Mel has thrown a rather hard gauntlet. The challenge   is to write a letter each day for thirty days to one specific person in your life, current or in your past. Some of the letters I will not be able to write, and some will be written to the same person, but at least it will provide plenty of laughs let y’all get to know me a bit. So, here is Day One, a letter to my best friend:


Our relationship has weathered many storms in the quarter century we’ve been together. Laughter, tears, sickness, health, life and death have intertwined like a growing vine through our hearts, making us one. I know sometimes you are surprised at the things you find out about me, like the blogging thing, for instance, but even vines need a little room to grow. And though I grow, I shall also grow with you, until I’m old and gray….wait a minute…

Anyway, I never say it enough, but you are my bestest best friend, and I love you, and I can’t imagine living without you. You accept me, warts and all, just as I accept you. And I think that makes us whole.

Your wife 🙂